We believe that life is better when one’s body and mind are fit. Everyone deserves to experience a body and mind functioning at their optimum. We believe that a supportive community, self-love, and proper mindset can change lives and in turn the world. Change can be hard, but all things worthwhile and lasting in life are challenging. Through structured adversity, FitRev builds bonds, strong bodies, and resilient minds. When the world says you won’t, we say you will. When your insecurity says you can’t, we say you can. We are the revolution, we are FitRev, and we’re ready for you! 


What is the Fitness Revolution?


FitRev is an authentic, empowering, and united fully functional fitness center. We focus on family and community, offering small group classes, private coaching, nutritional advice, as well as free weights and cardio machines. With more than 1,300 sq. ft. of turf, 2000 pounds of free weights, and 14 weight machines we target all major muscle groups. Our one-of-a-kind classes include HIIT Fit, Box & Kick Fit, TRX Suspension Training, Pilates, Kid Fit, and Rock Steady Boxing.