Lupe Balderas

Lead Sales Rep. Supplements Manager

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Lead Sales Rep. Supplements Manager


Personal Trainer


Hey there, meet Lupe – the rockstar of Prestige Labs Supplements in Middle Tennessee and the ultimate fitness guru at FitRev Training! Lupe kicked off her incredible weight loss journey after catching a glimpse of Jason, the owner's amazing vision to transform lives.

Picture this: she shed a whopping 85 pounds, kept it off, and bulked up with muscles in just 3 years – talk about a fitness superhero! Now, she's not just a pro in her own journey, but she's on a mission to share all the secrets to losing weight, gaining muscle, and burning fat with everyone she meets.

Lupe's passion is off the charts because she's witnessed the awesome impact she can have on people's lives. Hold on tight because Lupe is not just stopping there; she's leveling up in the company, taking on more responsibilities in all areas. Get ready for a fitness adventure with Lupe – it's going to be epic!



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